Transmetro for Ancianos 0 (0)

In other words, old folks. You can get yourself a Transmetro card that grants you four free trips per day. You used to just go to the Muni office, show… Read more

Where Can I get a Good Pie? 5 (1)

There are lots of places that sell pies — chains such as San Martin. And of those San Martin is better than the others. And they are not too expensive… Read more

Getting Your Mail Forwarded 0 (0)

There are multiple reasons you may want a U.S.-based mailing address and a mail forwarding service. That includes dealing with businesses that only work with people “in” the U.S. and… Read more

BYD Electric Cars 0 (0)

The bad news is that there are few electric vehicles for sale in Guatemala right now. The one company that seems to be taking the market seriously is BYD (… Read more

Bitpointlatam is a Scam 5 (2)

I’m not sure where I found out about them but the idea of a Latin American-centric cryptocurrency exchange sounded like a good idea. They claimed, for example, that they could… Read more

La Casa del Tornillo 0 (0)

I am not always looking for fasteners but, when I am, I tend to think “what hardware store would have …”. Well, good news. La Casa del Tornillo has virtually… Read more

What Do License Plate Numbers Mean? 5 (3)

You have probably noticed that most regular cars have a place number starting with a P and motorcycle plates start with an M. But, what other possibilities are there? A… Read more

Cohousing in Guatemala? 0 (0)

While I have lived in a cooperative building in the U.S. and was working with others to organize a cohousing project in the Seattle area, I have never really got… Read more

Sending a Snail Mail Letter 0 (0)

Sometimes there is no substitute for a snail mail letter. I talked about using Correos de Guatemala and while the letter got there it was about 30 days later. Here… Read more

What’s The Weather Like? 0 (0)

People tend to assume that if you are in the tropics the weather is hot. At sea level this is true but not so at higher altitudes. This is true… Read more