Where Can I get a Good Pie?


There are lots of places that sell pies — chains such as San Martin. And of those San Martin is better than the others. And they are not too expensive (Q60, typically). But, I said good pie.

Sure, I expected to pay a bit more but I was looking for good crust, lots of fruit and not too sweet. Now, I wasn’t looking for a “health food” pie, just something where the ingredients were not something to fill the pie pan.

Over the past week we have bought a couple of the “chain pies” and they were between OK and yuck. If those ratings don’t make sense to you, think of it as “there is nothing else to eat” and “maybe the dog will eat it”. Today I needed to go to a computer store and headed to La Sexta. I think walked to Rey Sol and bought a berry pie. It was amazing. Full of berries. No sweetener added. Decent crust. All I had to do was find something for Q43 that was so much better.

Note that Rey Sol is a Vegetarian restaurant 1/2 block West of La Sexta on 11 Calle.

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