Typical tienda

Local Businesses 0 (0)

In most cities of any size you will find a supermarket, a chain drug store and so forth. In a “colonia” (basically a suburb) you will likely need to walk… Read more
Simeón Cañas & Calle Martí

Jocotenango Park to the Hipodromo 0 (0)

Probably the best place to walk your dog in the north end of Guatemala City. The avenue is a wide two lanes in each direction. On each side there is… Read more

Shipping Within Guatemala 5 (1)

Sometimes you need to send something to some other location within Guatemala. There are lots of options and they are generally cost effective. You have probably seen offices of GuatEx… Read more

What about Covid? 0 (0)

If you believe the covid-19 propaganda — mostly created by the U.S. — then you can believe the same thing here. If you believe Judy Mikovits, American Frontline Doctors, …… Read more

Banking Options 0 (0)

There is a reasonable assortment of banks in Guatemala as well as Credit Unions (Financieras) — each with their own advantages. Here are the ones I have dealt with: Banco… Read more

Do “They” Deliver? 0 (0)

Usually, the answer is yes. Here is a list of examples: The typical fast food joints (Burger King, Dominos, McDonalds, …) do with their employees on motorcycles. Many other restaurants… Read more

Buying Real Estate 0 (0)

First, a disclaimer. Don’t buy property until you have lived here for at least six months and a year is better. That said, the process is not particularly unusual if… Read more

Grocery Shopping 0 (0)

To start with, there are supermarkets. Various chains exist including Dispensa Familiar which translates to Walmart. You will also find what is called a “Convenience Store” in the U.S. This… Read more

Land of Opportunity 5 (1)

I assert that Guatemala (along with other countries in the region) is the land of opportunity. I am specifically thinking of people who need to/want to work to support themselves.… Read more

Utilities 0 (0)

The best description here is “there are no surprises”. If you budget $100/mo for utilities, you will be fine. Part of that is unless you decide to live at the… Read more