Grocery Shopping


To start with, there are supermarkets. Various chains exist including Dispensa Familiar which translates to Walmart. You will also find what is called a “Convenience Store” in the U.S. This could mean a 7-11 or any of the other chain small stores sometimes associated with gas stations.

In Guatemala there are two additional places where people go to buy groceries which exist both in the cities and in relatively rural areas.

  • The tienda — a small, locally run store that offers the things you might buy every day. That includes eggs, tooth paste, candy, beverages and such. Surprisingly, prices in tiendas are usually pretty decent. This is because they have really low overhead. A small tienda could be a converted garage run by a mother who is at home anyway to take care of her children.
  • Public market — These vary from a few stalls along the street up to large enclosed market buildings with hundreds of stalls. You are likely to find fresher produce and meats are lower prices that at the supermarket.

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