The Story of Two Shipments 0 (0)

I recently ordered two expensive and heavy packages from the U.S. One vendor was willing to ship internationally and I elected to have it sent FedEx International Economy Freight. The… Read more

La Electrónica 0 (0)

On-line electronics store in Guatemala. It has a surprisingly good assortment of items from kits to pumps, components you might use building a robot and lots more. Lots of… Read more

Almacen El Triunfador 5 (1)

A lucky find for me. I was on my way to buy some small plates as most of ours had been turned into trash by the help of slippery hands… Read more

Guatemala Digital 0 (0)

Consider it the local way to spell They offer lots of stuff that Amazon offers, most with around a 10-day delay. They have a funky site lacking what I… Read more

La Casa del Tornillo 0 (0)

I am not always looking for fasteners but, when I am, I tend to think “what hardware store would have …”. Well, good news. La Casa del Tornillo has virtually… Read more

On-Line Sources of Healthy Food in Guatemala 4 (1)

When I first moved to Guatemala I was pretty sure all sources of healthy (organic, non-GMO, …) food on-line would mean an on-line order from Amazon, a long wait, customs… Read more

Shipping Within Guatemala 5 (1)

Sometimes you need to send something to some other location within Guatemala. There are lots of options and they are generally cost effective. You have probably seen offices of GuatEx… Read more

Do “They” Deliver? 0 (0)

Usually, the answer is yes. Here is a list of examples: The typical fast food joints (Burger King, Dominos, McDonalds, …) do with their employees on motorcycles. Many other restaurants… Read more

Grocery Shopping 0 (0)

To start with, there are supermarkets. Various chains exist including Dispensa Familiar which translates to Walmart. You will also find what is called a “Convenience Store” in the U.S. This… Read more