On-Line Sources of Healthy Food in Guatemala


When I first moved to Guatemala I was pretty sure all sources of healthy (organic, non-GMO, …) food on-line would mean an on-line order from Amazon, a long wait, customs costs and such. Well, I have been pleasantly surprised that there are on-line alternatives in Guatemala.

Some of these sources seem expensive. Before you jump to conclusions, we are talking about no international shipping costs, quick delivery and, in general, what you want when you want it without having to leave home.

  • CincoAzul.com — Based in Antigua, they offer organic meats, veggies and packaged goods. Free delivery to Antigua and Guatemala City on orders of over Q200. Orders placed before 9AM are delivered the following day. High points include chemical-free buffalo meat (including ham), butter from grass-fed cows and goat cheeses.
  • yogisuperfoods.com — Based in Antigua, they offer their own packaged goods and others from pink salt to nutritional yeast. Delivery is slower than Cinco Azul but not bad.
  • guatemaladigital.com — While they mostly sell “stuff”, they do have some food items. And most of their stuff comes from Amazon but that makes the international part their problem. I have, for example, bought organic coconut oil from them.

Do you know of other options? Please add a comment.

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