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Don’t get me wrong. That was not intended to be a good thing. On the positive end, if you happen to have Tigo service it will likely work very well… Read more

New Maps for Garmin GPS 5 (1)

I bought a used Garmin GPS and the Guatemala map image was defective. (It had other Central America maps but only Guatemala was broken.) With a bit of searching I… Read more

Transmetro for Ancianos 0 (0)

In other words, old folks. You can get yourself a Transmetro card that grants you four free trips per day. You used to just go to the Muni office, show… Read more
Simeón Cañas & Calle Martí

Jocotenango Park to the Hipodromo 0 (0)

Probably the best place to walk your dog in the north end of Guatemala City. The avenue is a wide two lanes in each direction. On each side there is… Read more

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