What’s The Weather Like? 0 (0)

People tend to assume that if you are in the tropics the weather is hot. At sea level this is true but not so at higher altitudes. This is true… Read more

Exchange Rates, IBAN 0 (0)

The exchange rate between US$ and Quetzales has remained fairly constant for years. That’s actually a regional exception. Two Central American countries “gave up” and use the US$ as their… Read more

On-Line Sources of Healthy Food in Guatemala 4 (1)

When I first moved to Guatemala I was pretty sure all sources of healthy (organic, non-GMO, …) food on-line would mean an on-line order from Amazon, a long wait, customs… Read more

Land of Opportunity II 5 (1)

In https://gringo2gt.com/land-of-opportunity/ I called Guatemala the land of opportunity because you could live cheaply and then develop your income model. The only trick is that your income should come from… Read more

Garmin Maps for Guatemala 0 (0)

I bought a used Garmin Nuvi 1450 GPS for my car. It came with a 2020 version of the maps for Central America. While the unit seemed to function, it… Read more

Basics of PV Solar 5 (1)

Should you consider photovoltaic solar power is the basic question. While I plan to address this in some detail, this is the very basic considerations. And, the one-word answer is… Read more

Correos — Mailing an International Letter 0 (0)

Not often mailing a physical letter makes sense these days but today was one of those days. I needed to send a nastygram to a company in the U.S. along… Read more

Gas and Drinking Water 0 (0)

Gas for cooking and maybe hot water means a propane cylinder. The most common size for a house is a 25 lb. cylinder but there are also 35 lb. and… Read more

Transmetro 4 (1)

Transmetro is one of the three bus systems that serve Guatemala City. It’s the newest, safest and most interesting. Transmetro runs routes with dedicated stops. The stops are elevated as… Read more