Becoming an Autoproducer with EEGSA 5 (1)

In Guatemala the law allows you to sell electricity back to the utility at retail up to the quantity that you use. That is, you only pay for what you… Read more

Basics of PV Solar 5 (1)

Should you consider photovoltaic solar power is the basic question. While I plan to address this in some detail, this is the very basic considerations. And, the one-word answer is… Read more

Gas and Drinking Water 0 (0)

Gas for cooking and maybe hot water means a propane cylinder. The most common size for a house is a 25 lb. cylinder but there are also 35 lb. and… Read more

Utilities 0 (0)

The best description here is “there are no surprises”. If you budget $100/mo for utilities, you will be fine. Part of that is unless you decide to live at the… Read more