Transmetro for Ancianos


In other words, old folks. You can get yourself a Transmetro card that grants you four free trips per day. You used to just go to the Muni office, show your DPI and get one. But, everyone got one and they ran out. I have been going back there for over six months. Today, a person in one of the Transmetro stations said the cards were available again so I went to get one.

Well, things have changed. You need a date to get one. The woman “guarding the door” gave me a 1/2 x 2″ piece of paper with the Muni web address ( on it and suggested I use my cel phone to make a date. I told her I didn’t have my cel phone. She had me wait and had someone from “inside” come and enter my info and make a date for me. The date is in two days — why would I want to do it from a cel phone standing outside the building?

Anyway, when I got home I checked out the web site. They tell you about the card and the requirements (over 60, a resident and an in city address). There is even a page on how to get a card in Quiché. And there is a link for making an appointment for “muni things”. But, it does not say you need to make a date to get the card.

The card also must be renewed on your birthday (like a Transurbano card). The good news is that you can do this at any of the Mini-Munis.

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  1. I had my “date” this morning. Too much overhead — woman at the door had a list, woman at the “get a ticket” place had a list — but it was still only about 10 minutes.

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