Bitpointlatam is a Scam


I’m not sure where I found out about them but the idea of a Latin American-centric cryptocurrency exchange sounded like a good idea. They claimed, for example, that they could do transfers to latam banks in local currencies. So, I signed up and mentioned them to some friends who live in Latin America.

I transferred some Bitcoin to them (no issue) and then sold a little and had it sent to a bank in Guatemala. The transfer took three days — pretty much the same or more time if I just sent USD from a Bitcoin exchange in Europe. Not good.

Next I tried to sell Bitcoin (about one Bitcoin, actually). I set a sell price below the current market price but it didn’t sell. I canceled the trade. I few days later there was still a hold on the amount of my trade. After multiple days and multiple emails, the hold was removed.

While this was going on, a friend had bought some bitcoin (small amount) through them. After numerous issues, she requested it to be transferred to another exchange. It never happened.

Based on all this, I decided to send my slightly over one Bitcoin to another exchange. I requested that transfer on 4 February 2022. It is now 15 February 2022 and the transfer has not happened. I have inquired as to the status twice and never received a reply.

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