Almuerzo Executivo 0 (0)

Executive lunch. These are menu items that tend to be a bargain for lunch or at least claim to be. In Costa Rica these are known as "casados" (which means married) which, I think, is a better name as they…

Condominio 0 (0)

Yes, that's just condominium in Spanish but it may not be what you expect. In many cases this is just a house within a group of houses behind a gate. In other words, not like an apartment in one building…

Gringo 0 (0)

A term used to refer to a caucasian foreigner. In some countries this term specifically identifies someone from the U.S. but here in Guatemala its use is much more generic. For example, someone from Germany is typically referred to as…

Guate 0 (0)

A typical way to say "Guatemala City". For example, "Voy a Guate".

Patojo chispudo 0 (0)

Literally, it means sparkling duck. It is commonly used as an employment characteristic. Pretty much "sharp young person"

Se renta 0 (0)

This is Spanglish. It is a pretty common thing on for rent signs. Spanish would be se alquila.

Tarea 0 (0)

Yes, tarea typically means a task or homework but it is also a measurement. My research (after I saw it as property size in a classified ad) is that it is 628.8 square meters.

tenango 0 (0)

A nahuatl word meaning "place of walls" or "walled place". I have heard it defined as just "the place of". In any case, there are lots of cities in Guatemala whose name ends in tenango. For example, Jocotenango, Mazatenango, Quetzaltenango.

tienda 0 (0)

A small store, many times no more than a converted garage, where you can do real local shopping. What they carry is what you might buy everyday -- from eggs to toilet paper.

tonel 0 (0)

El tonel is used to describe a barrel -- typically a 55 gallon drum.

Xela 0 (0)

Pronounced SHA-la, this is the common abbreviation for Quetzaltenango, the second largest city in Guatemala. (Some say the abbreviation was necessary so it would fit on bus signs.)