Garmin Maps for Guatemala


I bought a used Garmin Nuvi 1450 GPS for my car. It came with a 2020 version of the maps for Central America. While the unit seemed to function, it wasn’t finding stuff in Guatemala. This morning I tried some addresses in Estelí Nicaragua and Alajuela Costa Rica and all worked well.

In looking for a solution (and not wanting to buy new maps) I did a bit of searching on line and found where you can get “open” versions of maps. It is a bittorrent download and there is a page of instructions on how to install the maps.

The result is fine. That is, I can now navigate in Guatemala, spend $0 and now have 2021 maps.

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  1. After playing with this (and trusting it which resulted in an expensive tow bill), I have some advice.
    First, don’t believe it as I have been directed to roads that not even a 4×4 could pass on.
    Second, don’t set the spoken language to English. Besides pronunciation you can’t even understand, it assumes some things. For example, CA-9 is “pronounced” as California 9. You can leave the text in English which is fine but an “English” voice is totally distracting.

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